MAESTRO, bass musician review

Yiorgos’s latest effort, Maestro, was a project years in the making. He was hired to create music for the play, “Fantasy and Fuge”, based on the life of Mitroupolos. Over time he composed ten stunning pieces for this endeavor, and put together a first class ensemble to record these compositions including special guests Alex Acuna, Bireli LaGrene, Eric Marienthall, and Scott Kinsey.

The writing (not to mention the playing) by Yiorgos is nothing less than first rate, jumping styles and musical landscapes while showcasing the talents of this spectacular array of players. I can’t overemphasize Yiorgo’s compositional prowess in this effort. The power of this musician’s pen puts him in a class of his own, and much more importantly takes the listener on a great journey backed by superb playing from everyone involved. Once again I fall to my catch phrase…this is a 21st century effort, genre jumping at its best with the “music”, not the playing, being the focus (although the playing is damn hard to ignore) It would also be a disservice not mentioning what a great voice Yiorgos has developed on his axe…great ensemble playing and inspired improvisational moments.

I urge you to check out this CD. This effort compositionally and musically is a rare bird, and is deserving of widespread critical acclaim…no wonder Anthony Jackson hired him to write the music for his first solo release.